Minor Problem

I’d like to present my latest short: Minor Problem

We were able to complete primary filming in a single day, and then went back to capture aerials


Speaking of aerials, the actual recording went fine, but it took us a month to get time to go back to the location, and during that time we went from winter to a very green early spring.

The solution was to dive in to after effects, and change the colors to look as dead as possible, in an attempt to match the previous footage.

We recorded on the Sony PMW F5 in 4k with the new Rokinon Xeen lenses, we used the 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm.


We also used the rokinon 35mm for the dolly shots.


The lenses matched quite nicely, and I think the xeens are very sharp when used at T2.8 or higher.


We were feeding wireless video to the directors monitor via the Nyrius Aeries pro.

It doesn’t do well if there are obstructions in the way, or if the camera is moved alot, but overall a very nice wireless solution when you can’t afford something like the teradek bolt 600.

We used the EZ Jib with the full extension kit. (the high up crane shot was trimmed down to emphasize the landmine)


We used the dji ronin for remote pan tilt, and the dji focus for remote focus control


The rode NTG3 with blimp, and deadcat were used to record excellent audio.

All in all a fun shoot with great actors, and a great crew!

Feel free to ask me questions about anything related to the video, and please don’t hesitate to comment with your thoughts

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