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11 Nov 2016

Aerial Shoot with the Tilta Gravity Gimbal

When I got the call to shoot an aerobatic stunt plane, from within another plane, I just knew that I needed something more than what my DJI Ronin could offer. The Ronin has been great, however I do find it somewhat limiting in that to use it with my Red Epic Dragon I have to strip it down to the barebones, and use redvolt batteries, which although this makes the rig lighter, and easier to manage the tradeoff is that […]

18 Oct 2016

Minor Problem

I’d like to present my latest short: Minor Problem We were able to complete primary filming in a single day, and then went back to capture aerials Speaking of aerials, the actual recording went fine, but it took us a month to get time to go back to the location, and during that time we went from winter to a very green early spring. The solution was to dive in to after effects, and change the colors to look as […]

18 Oct 2016

Ghost Town Showdown

After countless hours spent in pre production, 2 long filming days, and weeks in the edit bay. We finally completed “Ghost Town Showdown” The idea for this short was originally conceived more than a year ago, and went through numerous script revisions, and delays. The primary difficulty as I’m sure everyone knows, is that when all the cast, and crew are working for free scheduling can be a nightmare. To compound that issue, the location was only available during the […]